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Another Sydney cover-up - bathers are getting their gear on

Saturday February 27, 2010
PHOTOGRAPHER Spencer Tunick, renowned for capturing images of naked crowds, arrived in Sydney this week to find a city desperate to cover up.

In The Pink

Saturday October 29, 2005
The naturists' call for a nude beach in Warringah doesn't go far enough. All Sydney's beaches should be for nudists. It's the obvious answer to the obesity epidemic. If you gotta let it all hang out - no hiding the flab under a flattering one-piece or layers of lycra - you'll make sure there's less to hang. Sun, sand and cellulite are a bad mix. Of course, people would have to wear lots of blockout: slip, slop and be careful where you slap. And there are other hazards. An opponent of nude bathing ...

Chaney Nude In Corridor

Thursday July 5, 2001
We're all naturists round here. Except Kate Askew, of course.

Doing What Comes Naturally

Tuesday February 27, 2001
In secluded bushland near Mittagong, devoted naturists discard their clothes ... and worries as ANNE BRANSDON discovers.

They Scooted Without Boots

Monday November 16, 1998
A LINE of 143 naturists scooted their way into the record books at the second annual Samurai Beach Nude Carnival yesterday. Nudists from as far afield as Melbourne and New Zealand smashed the old record of 69 for naked line dancing. People were encouraged to wear a hat. Proceeds from the day's

Babe Watch

Thursday July 7, 1994
There's no denying the attractions of nudism. Forget the tired old excuses about personal freedom, getting back to nature, cultivating those little half-moons of white skin beneath your bum, etc etc etc . The real reason people become naturists is to satisfy that ancient and powerful need

Club For The Dance Buff

Monday May 28, 1990
After the successful opening of the nation's first all-nude nightclub in Melbourne recently, the emboldened promoter now wants to establish a Sydney branch for nocturnal naturists. On the coldest night of the year in Melbourne, The Nude Night Club, as it is known, the brainchild of Melbour

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